Migraine Relief

Using Chiropractics to Soothe Your Migraines

Muscle Relaxation for Migraine Relief

One of the reasons seeking migraine relief is so frustrating is that migraines are idiopathic, which means their cause is still unknown. Though some theories suggest such causes as genetics or blood vessel issues in the brain, one common chiropractic theory says that subluxations or muscle tension at the base of the skull and neck is also the culprit for some migraines. Though most patients treat migraines with medication, others seek chiropractic relief for a safe, non-invasive solution.

Pennsylvania chiropractor Dr. Gregory Wilson reports that finding the chiropractic relief he needed from his debilitating childhood migraines was the reason he chose his career path years later. Saying that regular doctor’s visits hadn’t helped, he started visiting a chiropractor instead. “I was getting migraines two or three days a week and I was pretty much incapacitated. He was the only one that helped me, and I can honestly say that chiropractics saved my childhood.”

Chiropractic migraine treatment involves massage, manipulation of the spine and spinal tensions, and adjustment of joints and soft tissue. It is not necessarily the answer for everyone, but for some it’s extremely effective, and often longer-lasting than more traditional drug therapies. In fact, a recent study conducted by Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minnesota, compared drug therapy and chiropractics in two hundred eighteen headache patients, finding drug therapy and regular chiropractic care equally effective in the reduction of headache pain. In fact, the study showed the relief from chiropractic care to be longer-lasting than traditional drug therapy relief.

Migraines affect approximately 28 million Americans, causing pain, upset stomach, and sensitivity to light and sound. Attacks can last anywhere from 4 hours to several days and can be debilitating to its sufferers.


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