We focus on the patients individual health needs and promote wellness through traditional chiropractic spinal adjustments, nutritional consultation, massage and specific exercises designed to increase postural integrity.


Dr. Aaron Ferguson, DC – Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

Dr. Aaron Ferguson, DC

 Dr. Ferguson graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in March of 1999. Upon graduating he worked for a year and a half at a large multi-doctor practice in San Francisco where he continued to learn the science and art of chiropractic from DC’s who had been in practice for over 40 years.

Since 2001, Dr. Ferguson has owned and operated a successful practice in the Marina District. He uses a variety of chiropractic techniques to suit the individual needs of patients including Drop Table, Gonsted, Diversified, Activator, SOT, and ART. Aaron’s patients include newborn children, pregnant women, athletes and the elderly. His goal is to educate patients on the cause and prevention of disease and encourage patients to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Ferguson is a second-generation chiropractor, his father graduated from LACC in 1964.

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Lars Angeli, CMT – Certified Massage Therapist

 Lars Angeli, CMT and Health Educator, earned his titles in 1991 at the National Holistic Institute in San Francisco. His 20-year dedication to bodywork has provided him with a vast knowledge of both Eastern and Western techniques, which he has applied working in and managing health centers in California and Italy. His natural ability to find trigger points and release tension, combined with his intuitive sensitivity to trauma – physical and emotional – gives him a unique ability to treat patients thoughtfully and holistically. In conjunction with massage, Lars has deep expertise in the art of breathing and its many health benefits, which he integrates into his treatments. Lars will customize the massage to your specific needs or preferences by combining techniques or focusing on a specific style: Shiatsu, Deep Tissue or Swedish. At “Chiro Care” Lars will offer you a safe and relaxing environment that will awaken your greatest potential and help you achieve your inner balance.


Sarah Beal, CMT – Certified Massage Therapist

 Sarah Beal, CMT is dedicated to helping others improve their well being through bodywork. She has over 6 years of experience as a certified massage therapist in both spa and clinical settings. She has a foundation in Swedish and deep tissue massage and advanced training in numerous modalities including deep tissue, sports, and prenatal massage as well as trigger point therapy, manual lymph drainage and reflexology. Combining these techniques, she is able to customize massage treatments to fit the individual needs of each client. Sarah is enjoys working closely with her clients to help them improve physically and bring them back to a more balanced state.